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Physical Therapy Program Continuation

Sometimes it feels as though we’re living through a movie, not reality. For many of us, our daily routines have been trimmed down from trips to the office, shopping, hiking, time with friends, gym, going out for drinks, and date nights, to getting up from the bed and moving to the sofa… only to move back to bed when the sun sets. We’ve been flung out of our ‘normal’ into an unknown, sedentary world. And, of course, it’s not just your gin and tonic craving that’s not getting fulfilled – it’s your PT program, too. In the course of a few weeks, many of you reading this may have effectively stopped your physical activities and given up on doing your regular physical therapy routine. So, it’s time we wrote you a blog. Remember what it felt like living with pain? How debilitating it was and how desperately you wanted to get rid of it? Well, the unfortunate thing is that a sedentary lifestyle will lead you straight back down that path. In fact, you might find that all the extra sitting, slouching, and laying around may actually bring back the pain that much more severely! You don’t want that. We know you don’t. And that’s why we have this to say to you: it’s not the time to give up, it’s the time to keep going.

Just because you have to stay home to protect the safety of your loved ones, yourself, and those around you, doesn’t mean you should let your health go in the process. Having started on your physical therapy regime in a bid to live a pain-free life, why is it that you’re letting it go? Is it because you think it’s not available to you anymore now that the clinic has temporarily closed its doors? Is it that you don’t have the motivation? Or is it that you feel the pain won’t return? Well – none of these things are the truth: you can still get quality physical therapy advice and treatment, you can find the motivation, and you can – if you make the wrong choices – relive the pain. That last one seems like something you’d like to avoid, right? Well, keep reading.

Happily, we now live in a world full of invaluable communication tools, from Doxy to Zoom, and even WhatsApp. We have an unprecedented amount of platforms available to us in order to stay connected and in touch. And the truth is, the world is changing so rapidly that now would be a great time to jump in and take advantage of them… by doing physical therapy!

Yes, that’s right, online physical therapy sessions are here! And the great news is that they are just as effective as your regular sessions when it comes to maintaining a pain-free life. Isn’t that great news? You don’t have to live with the fear of resurfacing pain, because the key to its prevention is simply a click away. Quality, professional, physical therapists will still help you adhere to the effective, personalized stretches and exercises you’ve been given, you’ll receive excellent advice, and you’ll get the motivation you need to stay pain-free!

If you’re still not convinced, why not think about a few of the following problems:

Immobility = Pain
It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you when we say that a sedentary lifestyle causes pain. Why? Because prolonged periods without physical activity results in the tightening of muscles, joint problems, and nerve entrapment down the road. It’s incredibly important to move your muscles and joints so as to both maintain a pain free life, but also to ensure that pain doesn’t resurface in a more drastic form. Doing online physical therapy sessions is the most effective way to ensure that you keep mobile and active in a way that best prevents your particular issues from recurring.

Stopping Treatment Abruptly
As with all things in life, an abrupt change to engrained habits can result in a bumpy ride. Your body has by now been conditioned to live the healthiest, pain free life it can. An abrupt change in your sessions may result in muscles seizing and the pain returning unexpectedly. Online physical therapy sessions will ensure that you avoid this scenario so as to make it through these unprecedented times unscathed.

An Accumulative Lack of Productivity Effects your Mental and Physical Wellbeing
Have you noticed that a lack of productivity has effected your mood? Do you feel down or ‘out of it’ at times, and do you feel as though you’re not really achieving much at the moment? It’s very important for you to maintain achievable goals during this time, so as to avoid feeling depressed and increasingly agitated. Why not integrate your goal targets with online physical therapy? In this way, you can kill two birds with one stone: reach a goal and feel satisfied, as well as stay pain-free and healthy! Be productive in the way you deal with pain management, right now.

Other Resultant Injuries May Occur 
It may have been that a few months ago your back hurt… but, now your knee hurts. Strange, right? Well no, not really. The fact that your body isn’t used to being sedentary for extended periods of time may therefore result in pain manifesting in different areas. The problem with this is not so much the fleeting knee pain you feel one morning, but rather the accumulative stress you are placing on your joints and muscles. If this stress isn’t managed and tackled, you may find that you exit this self-isolation period with more pain on your plate than you had even a few short months ago. A good way to prevent this from happening is to do online physical therapy sessions. Again, these sessions do so much more for your health than you realize, not least when it comes to the prevention of heretofore unseen injuries.

It’s time to make the right decision for your health by continuing/joining online physical therapy sessions. Whether you are unsure of how to stay active at home, want to continue a fitness regime, want to maintain a pain-free life, or want to get rid of unwanted, debilitating pain, then this really is the best of option for you. Not only are online physical therapy sessions safe, they are also essential on your road to the maintenance of a healthy, happy, satisfying life.

Let’s get through these hard times together, and let’s make our time at home count: no pain, no anxiety, and no unanswered questions. Join an online physical therapy session, today!


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