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About Dorothy

Dorothy McGuinness, PT

Physical Therapist

Dorothy has always been adventurous—she started out at age 8 in AAU Track and Field where she proceeded to learn she had genetically dislocating kneecaps. This did not stop her from trying to be an athlete, where every 4 months she ended up on crutches. This was the perfect background to become a Physical Therapist!

When you have shared experiences– Empathy comes naturally!

In Physical Therapy school at NAU, Dorothy’s research paper was on “Manual Pressure on Acupuncture Points to Relieve Tension Headaches” beginning her lifelong interest in alternative and global therapies. After graduation she went to work in Saudi Arabia for 2 years learning the language and customs. While there she developed a PT technician training program for local Saudi people.

Dorothy has always been fascinated by the diverse cultures not only in the middle east but other cultures she experienced as she traveled through Europe and Asia.

In addition to her extensive education in PT Dorothy has studied for 30+ years various forms of energy healing including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Somato-Emotional Release, and QiGong giving her multiple techniques to treat patients. She has had phenomenal success in treatment of neck and back pain as well as other orthopedic injuries.

Over the years, Dorothy noticed less time spent with patients in Physical Therapy clinics due to a reduction in insurance coverage. So, she decided to open her own clinic to enable her to provide one on one attention for a comprehensive, full hour of treatment to her clients ensuring their optimum recovery.

For fun, Dorothy likes to row on Tempe Town Lake, and walk her standard poodle, Jet, who is always ready for an outing. She has two great sons, amazing daughters-in-law, and three adorable grandsons with a granddaughter on the way.


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