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Qi Gong Classes With Dorothy McGuinness, PT

Dorothy is excited to instruct private Qi Gong exercise, recipes, and healing philosophy specific to the individual.

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Qi Gong translates as “life energy”. The instruction is orchestrated to open the body for healing and release stagnant energy. Dorothy has studied over 20 years with Grand Master Hong Liu. His Qi Gong style is based on his extensive training as both a medical doctor and as a grandmaster of Qi Gong (the highest attainable level of training). Master Hong has developed health aids such as the Yin Yang Body Pyramid which is fantastic to use to regain posture and energy flow through the body and Dorothy is trained to guide you through the exercises which can make a radical change in your life.

These are practices that have been based on centuries of natural healing and updated with current needs.

See how holistic healing can give you energy and return you to a youthful feeling that you thought was long lost!

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